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Monday 16 November

Paris attacks: 'I was saved by my mobile phone' - BBC News

Friday 6 November

Watch Serena Williams Chase Down the Man Who Stole Her Phone

Tuesday 27 October

The Telephone's Muted Emergence - New York Times

Friday 16 October

And the first non-Nexus phone to get Android 6.0 is..... - ZDNet

Monday 5 October

?YiSpecter malware can bypass Apple App Store checks to infect iPhones and iPads - ZDNet

Friday 25 September

Price of smartphone-based VR headset cut to $99 - Financial Times

Tuesday 15 September

Spec check: New iPhone 6s, 6s Plus have 2 GB of RAM, iPad Pro uses 4 GB - ZDNet

Saturday 5 September

Xiaomi shows off phone and wristband

Tuesday 25 August

Lawsuit over Samsung phone software

Saturday 15 August

Google?s Game-changing Smartphone Project Has Hit a Snag

Wednesday 5 August

Watch Pranksters Trick iPhone Users Into Thinking Android Is the New iOS9

Sunday 26 July

Microsoft buys phone firm Skype

Thursday 16 July

How Apple?s iPhone Update Is Making the Home Screen Obsolete

Saturday 4 July

Greek finances in ruins & cellphones turn 30 in Canada: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP -

Wednesday 24 June

Apple Is Fixing The Most Annoying Thing About iPhone Updates

Sunday 14 June

Germany Finds No Proof U.S. Hacked Into Angela Merkel?s Cellphone

Thursday 4 June

Microsoft Just Unveiled a New Phone That?s Ridiculously Cheap

Sunday 24 May

Here?s Great News if You Have an Old iPhone

Thursday 14 May

US House rejects NSA phone data trawl

Monday 4 May

HTC?s Lead Designer Explains How Smartphones Get Made

Thursday 23 April

This Is Facebook?s Latest Move to Take Over Your Phone

Monday 13 April

President Obama Phones Cuban Leader, White House Confirms

Friday 3 April

How You Can Block Calls and Texts on Your Smartphone

Tuesday 24 March

You Asked: How Can My Phone Help Me Split the Bill?

Saturday 14 March

This Is Now One of the Best Phones You Can Buy for $100

Wednesday 4 March

New Report Says Apple Is Now the World?s Biggest Smartphone Maker

Saturday 21 February

Millions of phones 'at risk of hack'

Wednesday 11 February

The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week

Sunday 1 February

This App Rewards Students With Food for Not Checking Their Phones in Class

Thursday 22 January

5 iPhone Apps You Just Can?t Miss This Week

Monday 12 January

IPhone Separation Anxiety Makes You Dumber, Study Finds

Friday 2 January

Most Internet Users Will Soon Be Smartphone-Only

Tuesday 23 December

Here?s What Happens When You Boil an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola

Friday 12 December

These iPhone Apps on Sale This Weekend Are Crazy Good Deals

Tuesday 2 December

Dual-screen YotaPhone 2 to go on sale worldwide in January

Saturday 22 November

101 police non-emergency phone number down - BBC News

Wednesday 12 November

Apple sued over vanishing iPhone text messages - Times of India

Sunday 2 November

New Law Plan To Tackle Mobile Phone Blackspots - Sky News

Wednesday 22 October

Apple Reports A Strong Q4 As iPhone Sales Shine - Forbes

Sunday 12 October

Google's 'Nexus 6' smartphone with a 5.9-inch display to be launched this month ... - IBNLive

Thursday 2 October

Aberdeen city is running out of phone numbers - BBC News

Monday 22 September

Dixons Carphone, EE Said to Plan Offers for Phones 4u Assets - Businessweek

Friday 12 September

T-Mobile to sell phones that work on wifi -

Tuesday 2 September

Report: Deals in place to make iPhone 'mobile wallet' - USA TODAY

Saturday 23 August

IPhone 6 screen supply hiccup puts launch in doubt - Irish Independent

Tuesday 12 August

'Surveillance-proof& apos; Blackphone gets hacked at Def Con - Inquirer

Saturday 2 August

Law changed to allow 'unlocking' cellphones - Kansas City Star

Wednesday 23 July

IPhone 'backdoors' can be used for surveillance, warns researcher - The Guardian

Sunday 13 July

Top 5 Best New Sex Apps for iPhone -

Thursday 3 July

'They've kidnapped me' - last words of Israeli työstän in phone call to emergency ... - Irish Independent

Monday 23 June

Boot up: Fire Phone reactions, Track Changes online, Surface Mini lives! - The Guardian (blog)

Friday 13 June

How Starbucks is using your crummy smartphone battery to boost its business - Washington Post (blog)

Tuesday 3 June

New Apple software brings Macs and iPhones closer - Capital FM Kenya

Saturday 24 May

Project Tango, Google's 3-D imaging smart phone, has a tablet sibling (+video) - Christian Science Monitor

Wednesday 14 May

How dangerous are phone chargers?

Friday 2 May

Apple's new headphones could collect health data and never get lost - Irish Independent

Tuesday 22 April

The 25 best Game Boy games to play on your iPhone -

Friday 11 April

Galaxy S5 could finally convince Apple fans to ditch the iPhone - Inquirer

Tuesday 1 April

Apple sets date for 4.7-inch iPhone 6 production - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Saturday 22 March

Shailene Woodley couch-surfed, ditched cell phone after 'DIvergent':&ap os; I got rid of ... - New York Daily News

Wednesday 12 March

Apple?s iPhone Return Window Shrinks to 14 Days

Sunday 2 March

Boeing Black: This smartphone will self-destruct? - itsen Daily Observer

Thursday 20 February

Roaming Charges Still Hurting EU Phone Use - Wall Street Journal (blog)

Monday 10 February

Windows Phone 8.1 leaks tip notification centre, Large Live Tiles and more - NDTV

Friday 31 January

Smart phone shift: Google sells Motorola to Lenovo - Christian Science Monitor

Monday 20 January

Rosetta comet-chaser phones home

Friday 10 January

Arvind Kejriwal's corruption hotline burns the phone lines on day one - Financial Express

Tuesday 31 December

Spy catalog leak: How NSA hacks your PC, phone, router and hard disk 'at the ... - Register

Saturday 21 December

The Nokia Lumia 520 Review, Best Price and Best Features For Christmas Gift -

Wednesday 11 December

Infographic: Which Samsung Phones Have Topped 10M in Sales? - PC Magazine

Sunday 1 December

Windows Phone Market Share in UK: Nokia Lumia 520 No. 1, Increases Lead vs ... - Latino Post

Thursday 21 November

Google's Nexus 5 phone makes Indian debut; sold out within hours - Economic Times

Monday 11 November

Apple working on curved iPhone screens, enhanced sensors: report - Business Times (subscription)

Thursday 31 October

Google unveils Nexus 5 smartphone with latest Android version KitKat - Washington Post

Monday 21 October

Report: US intercepts French phone calls on a 'massive scale' - CNN

Friday 11 October

Could mobile phone bills be about to QUADRUPLE? Ofcom announces plans to ... - Daily Mail

Tuesday 1 October

Apple iPhone 5C review - ITProPortal

Saturday 21 September

California iPhone fight: 3 arrested at Apple store after homeless hired to queue ... - Daily Mail

Wednesday 11 September

New iPhones: The internet reacts

Sunday 1 September

Microsoft Could Have Invented the iPhone

Thursday 22 August

Smartphone display wars go to ludicrous speed: 2560×1440 in 5.5 inches - Ars Technica

Sunday 11 August

Apple to unveil next-gen iPhone on September 10: Report - IBNLive

Thursday 1 August

Documents show NSA violated court orders on collection of phone records - Kansas City Star

Monday 22 July

Report: Limo Driver On Phone Before Fire - Daily Beast

Friday 12 July

Nokia unveils Lumia 1020 phone with 41-megapixel camera - Detroit Free Press

Tuesday 2 July

Nearly half of smartphones sold in Europe hail ... - CNET

Friday 21 June

Video capture will now be a part of the iPhone and Android Instagram apps ... - ABC News

Tuesday 11 June

Apple iPhone loses to Samsung Galaxy in durability tests: Cnet - MarketWatch (blog)

Saturday 1 June

Presence By People Power: get surveillance on iPhone - USA TODAY (blog)

Wednesday 22 May

The Xbox One Cannot Win Over A Living Room Full Of iPhones - Forbes

Sunday 12 May

Nokia gets ready to launch high-end Lumia 928 with Verizon - Firstpost

Thursday 2 May

Motorola X Phone rumors, benchmarks march on - CNET

Monday 22 April

Did the FBI phone Boston suspect before fatal shootout? - Channel 4 News

Friday 12 April

Security consultant claims to have created smartphone app that can take over ... - Herald sinun

Tuesday 2 April

Apple Apologizes for China IPhone Warranty Policies - San Francisco Chronicle

Friday 22 March

European regulators scrutinise Apple's demands on networks selling iPhone ... - The Independent

Tuesday 12 March

Samsung's Galaxy S4 will come with 4G, Phones 4U reveals - Inquirer

Saturday 2 March

Google co-founder Sergey Brin feels 'emasculated' by smartphones - The Independent

Wednesday 20 February

New 4G Phone Operators Announced By Ofcom - Sky News

Sunday 10 February

Tamagotchi to return as iPhone and Android app -

Thursday 31 January

BlackBerry takes on the smartphone world - PCWorld

Sunday 20 January

Hype builds for smartphone, but it isn't Apple device - Pakistan Daily Times

Thursday 10 January

Samsung shows bendable phone screen - Economic Times

Monday 31 December

Apple 'to launch iWatch' smartphone for your wrist - The sinun

Friday 21 December

Nokia, RIM settle old disputes in new patent pact - The Associated Press

Tuesday 11 December

'Cool' app on stolen iPhone sends picture back to owner! - Daily News & Analysis

Saturday 1 December

It's not exactly HARDware... Nokia and Samsung in race to launch 'flexible ... - The Independent

Wednesday 21 November

Nokia's Maps App for iPhone Gets a Cool Reception - New York Times (blog)

Sunday 11 November

Samsung Galaxy S III takes No.1 position in smartphone market - research - NDTV

Thursday 1 November

IPhone maker Apple's new management team fails to impress, shares fall to 3 ... - The Star Online

Sunday 21 October

Tokyo court rejects Samsung's request for iPhone injunction - Asahi Shimbun

Thursday 11 October

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S III Mini phone today - IBNLive

Monday 1 October

Lohan loses it over phone pictures - Sydney Morning Herald

Friday 21 September

US: Samsung says it will add iPhone 5 to list of patent-infringing Apple devices ... -

Monday 10 September

IPhone Carriers: How Apple Became King Of Smartphones In The US - Huffington Post

Friday 31 August

Nokia, Microsoft head for "Last Chance Saloon" - Reuters Canada

Tuesday 21 August

Apple vs. Samsung: Battle royale of smartphone behemoths - Christian Science Monitor

Saturday 11 August

IPhone 5 Battery Smaller Than Expected? - InformationWeek

Wednesday 1 August

Christopher Stringer, Apple Design Veteran, Calls iPhone Crafters 'Maniacal' - Huffington Post

Sunday 22 July

Vodafone walks us through a phone's Android 4.0 upgrade, explains our ... - Engadget

Wednesday 11 July

Katie Holmes Used A Disposable Cell Phone To Contact Her Divorce Lawyers - (blog)

Sunday 1 July

Apple wins block of Samsung smartphone sales in US - Pakistan Observer

Thursday 21 June

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 -

Sunday 10 June

Salmond urged to reveal if ne was victim of phone hacking - Herald Scotland

Wednesday 30 May

Facebook phone 'due next year'

Sunday 20 May

Phone hack police chief to retire

Thursday 10 May

IPhone vs. Android vs. Windows Phone: Which Smartphone Is Best For You ... - Huffington Post

Monday 30 April

Samsung Galaxy S3 Can Beat Apple Phone in US ? - South Asian News Agency

Friday 20 April

Nokia stung by $1.2b loss - Sydney Morning Herald

Monday 9 April

Nokia Lumia 900 Shows Promising Sales, Despite AT&T Store Holiday Closures - Wired News

Friday 30 March

Can a Google Tablet Succeed Where Nexus Phones Didn't? - PCWorld

Tuesday 20 March

Trayvon Martin Death: Friend on Phone with työstän Before Death Recounts Events - ABC News

Saturday 10 March

What the new iPad tells us about the next iPhone - CNET

Wednesday 29 February

Smartphone prices predicted to fall this year -

Saturday 18 February

Google sneaked tracking files onto iPhones, privacy researcher says - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday 8 February

How Apple's iPhone Actually Hurts AT&T, Verizon and Sprint - TIME

Sunday 29 January

Phone hacking scandal: Arrested sinun journalists in bribery probe get bail - Times of India

Thursday 19 January

AT&T expands data plans for smartphones, tablets -

Monday 9 January

Lenovo S2 Smartphone: First Impressions - PCWorld

Thursday 29 December

Sinun Storms May Affect Radios, Cell Phones - ABC News

Monday 19 December

Google Sued by British Telecom in U.S. Over Mobile-Phone System Patents - Bloomberg

Friday 9 December

The IPhone?s Splendid Success in the Shadows

Tuesday 29 November

Phone hacked during pregnancy - Church - Sky News Australia

Friday 18 November

In the Market for an iPhone 4S? You Might Have to Wait a Few Weeks - TIME

Tuesday 8 November

Sarkozy and Obama's Netanyahu gaffe broadcast via microphones

Sunday 23 October

Phone hacking: Murdoch to pay£2 m to Milly Dowler's family - Hindu Business Line

Wednesday 12 October

Huge BlackBerry outage angers users; some vow to buy iPhones - Los Angeles Times

Sunday 2 October

A new iPhone that looks like the old iPhone? Really? - CNET

Thursday 22 September

IPhone 5 to be unveiled in October - Hindustan Times

Monday 12 September

IPhone 5 models hinted at on Vodafone Web page - CNET (blog)

Friday 2 September

The Case of the Missing iPhone 5 Gets Sketchier

Tuesday 23 August

Antenna clothes help phone signal

Saturday 13 August

Amazon boss patents mobile phone airbags -

Wednesday 3 August

RiM unveils two new BlackBerry Torch phones - Montreal Gazette

Sunday 24 July

CNN Host and Ex-Tabloid Editor Is Reluctantly Dragged Into Phone Scandal - New York Times

Wednesday 6 July

UK PM calls for new inquiry into phone hacking - Houston Chronicle

Sunday 26 June

Startups founded by ex-Nokia employees

Tuesday 21 June

Nokia N9 is here

Thursday 2 June

What happened to Nokia?

Saturday 28 May

European Universities Say That Facebook and Phone Is More Important Than Sex?

Sunday 15 May

5 Apps College Students Must Have on Their SmartPhone

Thursday 5 May

Will the Verizon iPhone Get Over-the-Air Updates with Apple's iOS 5? - PC Magazine

Monday 25 April

No Off Button: Apple's iPhone Stores Data When Locations Services Disabled - Barron's (blog)

Friday 15 April

White iPhone 4 on the way. No, really. (Probably.) - Christian Science Monitor

Tuesday 5 April

Make your own ringtones on Android, iPhone (video) - CNET (blog)

Wednesday 23 March

Senators to Apple: Pull iPhone DUI checkpoint alert apps

Sunday 13 March

Hands On: HTC Desire HD smart phone - Corporate IT

Thursday 3 March

For Sale:Apple iPhone 4G HD 32GB,Nokia N8 3G,BlackBerry Touch 9800,HTC HD2

Monday 21 February

WIN! A Samsung Galaxy Tab from Phones 4u - TechRadar UK

Friday 11 February

Apple working on smaller, cheaper iPhone: report - Reuters

Tuesday 1 February

Android becomes No 1 smartphone platform: Canalys

Thursday 20 January

Nokia ditches plans for X7 smartphone on AT&T - CNET (blog)

Monday 10 January

Verizon iPhone: How important is 4G LTE capability? - ZDNet (blog)

Friday 31 December

Skype Adds Video Chat To IPhone App - Wall Street Journal (blog)

Saturday 11 December

Carphone Warehouse leaves out Three on Nexus S deals - Inquirer

Wednesday 01 December

Symbian - 'The Secret History'

Wednesday 24 November

Android overtakes Symbian in Asia

Wednesday 17 November

Nokia still belives in Symbian

Monday 8 November

Symbian Foundation to Transition to a Licensing Operation

Saturday 30 October

Cellphones and Other Gadgets May Have Potentially Deadly Side Effects for Kids

Wednesday 20 October

Smartphones are addictive

Sunday 17 October

Meet ultimate luxury iPhone 4 @£5 million - Oneindia

Thursday 7 October

Apple Readies Verizon iPhone

Saturday 25 September

Nokia voted best value mobile handset

Thursday 23 September

Facebook to release two smartphones?

Thursday 16 September

Taxman let Vodafone off 6bn

Nokia and the US market

Wednesday 15 September

The most successful European company of the 1990s?

Tuesday 14 September

New Symbian 3 smartphones announced

Sunday 12 September

Archos 32 Internet Tablet offers Android without a phone

Thursday 2 September

Your smartphone suddenly gets wikpedia from 50 years in the future but only for 1 hour.

Wednesday 18 August

Adobe AIR Apps on Android Phones by Q4 2010

Sunday 8 August

The man who made the iPhone 4 is out

Thursday 29 July

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Ditches iPhone for Android

Monday 19 July

Firefox Home hands-on: Firefox on your iPhone... sorta

Friday 9 July

Infograph: The Truth Behind the iPhone-on-Verizon Rumors!

Tuesday 29 June

iPhone 4 Recall Tweet A Total Farse, Daily Mail Jumps Gun

Saturday 19 June

The Truth Behind the iPhone 4 Retina Display

Wednesday 9 June

iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo 4G

Saturday 30 May

RaceChrono is a free GPS based lap timing software for S60 phones.

New freeware: RaceChrono for S60

Sunday 23 May

The 28 Smartest Smartphone Apps for Business Travel

Thursday 6 May

Video-a-Go-Go: Methods For Syncing Videos to Your iPhone

Monday 26 April

Could Gizmodo Face iPhone Leak Charges?

Wednesday 14 April

Nokia announced two new Symbian devices: Nokia E5 and Nokia C6

Wednesday 7 April

Apple iPhone OS 4 Revealed on April 8

Sunday 28 March

Dung Beetles Inspire Video Enhancements for Camera Phones

Thursday 18 March

Silicon Sweatshops: iPhone manufacturers suffer nerve damage

Monday 8 March

Microsoft Demos Game Across Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 and PC

Thursday 25 February

6 ways iPhone and Android users differ

Monday 15 February

Symbian^3 unveiled today

Friday 12 February

Is this the coolest iPhone accessory ever made?

Tuesday 2 February

Zune Phone to Debut at MWC, Will Use Nvidia Tegra

Saturday 23 January

Phone + Your Pocket = Efficient Charging

Tuesday 12 January

Is Apple Morphing Into The Microsoft OF Smartphones?

Saturday 2 January

Chrome edges out Safari, iPhone OS continues growth in Dec.

Wednesday 23 December

New iPhone App Runs Background Checks on Everyone You Know

Sunday 13 December

How To: Totally Overhaul Your Phones With Google Voice

Thursday 3 December

Google Phone Could Mean Free Mobile Phone Service

Monday 23 November

iPhone App Rates Your Attractiveness

Friday 13 November

xkcd - iPhone or Droid

Tuesday 3 November

Nokia Should Dump U.S. Smartphones, Sell Netbooks Instead

Saturday 24 October

Symbian Foundation opens smartphone kernel source code

Wednesday 14 October

Apple Moves To Block Jailbreaks In New iPhones

Sunday 4 October

iPhone game you play with your tongue [Video]

Thursday 24 September

The Pink Phone Pictures Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See

Monday 14 September

Snood comes to the iPhone. A glorious waste of time [VIDEO]

Friday 4 September

Bandwidth-guzzling iPhone called "Hummer of cellphones"

Tuesday 25 August

Nokia 5230 released

Monday 24 August

BlackBerry beats iPhone in smash 'em up road test

Friday 14 August

Congratulations U.S., We Pay The Most For Cellphone Service

Tuesday 4 August

Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone (and AT&T)

Saturday 25 July

Thanks to the iPhone, 'app' becomes a buzz word

Wednesday 15 July

Meet the Mobile Phones of Tomorrow

Sunday 5 July

Apple prepares iPhone SMS patch

Thursday 25 June

Five Things Missing From The iPhone 3GS

Sunday 14 June

AT&T welcomes the Nokia 6650 in time for the holidays

Thursday 4 June

?Cell Phone Elbow? ? A New Ill for the Wired Age

Monday 25 May

6 Ways To Sync Music To Your iPhone Without iTunes

Wednesday 6 May

Online IQ Test Is Really A Stupid Mobile Phone Dowload Scam

Saturday 11 April

Apple Begins Countdown to 1 Billion IPhone Apps Downloaded

Wednesday 1 April

Symbian catching up iPhone

Monday 23 March

Smartphones 1, Hackers 0

Friday 13 March

Nokia launches Eseries messaging device with mass market appeal

Tuesday 3 March

Desktop. Laptop. Pocket: The era of the personal Internet dawns with the Nokia N97

Saturday 21 February

New Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-804 is the smallest Nokia headset to date

Wednesday 11 February

iPhone may not see light of day in China thanks to App Store

Sunday 1 February

Why You Should Mute The TV Before You Pick Up the Phone

Wednesday 21 January

Review of HTC's Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone

Sunday 11 January

NYPD Wants to Jam Cell Phones During Terror Attack

Thursday 1 January

TRANGO Virtual Processors Partners with Symbian

Monday 22 December

New firmware update available for the Nokia N79

Friday 12 December

Nokia Siemens opening LTE lab in Dallas for carrier testing

Tuesday 2 December

Nokia N97 unveiled

  • 150g - little bit heavy
  • 3,5" 360x640 screeen - Communicator has wider screen
  • Qwerty key mat
  • 999 euros

Nokia acquires Symbian LTD; Symbian Foundation closer to launch

Nokia E63 cellphone

Thursday 13 November

Nokia E63: Latest phone based on Symbian OS

Tuesday 4 November

Nokia plans to lay off 600 employees by 2009

Wednesday 8 October

EU considers requiring phones to have removable batteries

Sunday 28 September

Sling Media Announces SlingPlayer Mobile for UIQ on Symbian OS

Thursday 18 September

Nokia announces Forum Nokia Calling All Innovators global developer contest

Monday 8 September

Nokia 5800 Tube coming soon?

Thursday 4 September

New Apple iPhone lawsuit claims AT&T oversold its network

Monday 25 August

Verizon Blitz QWERTY phone now available

Tuesday 12 August

New S60 software: Nokia Email Service

Saturday 9 August

T-Mobile to compete with Apple's iPhone App Store?

Wednesday 30 July

LG teams up with Dolby for enhanced sound on cell phones

Sunday 20 July

Sony Ericsson's W760 Walkman phone review

Thursday 10 July

Symbian Foundation grows

Tuesday 24 June

Symbian will be royalty-free open mobile software platform

Monday 16 June

Press Release: Samsung Omnia is First Windows Mobile-Based Phone to Achieve DivX Certification

Wednesday 28 May

UIQ Technology optimizes user experience options by releasing new version

Sunday 18 May

Nokia introduces the Nokia 6124 classic exclusively with Vodafone, optimized for fast internet browsing

Thursday 8 May

Symbian welcomes Motorola Z10

Monday 28 April

Nokia unveils three new handsets: Nokia 6600 fold, Nokia 6600 slide and Nokia 3600 slide

Friday 25 April

Press Release: Nokia and Renault Offer the Latest for Brazilian Auto Buyers

Tuesday 15 April

Nokia 6212 Classic released. NFC-enabled handset offers new and easy ways to access and share content

Tuesday 1 April

Verizon Wireless Launches XV6900 (HTC Touch) Smartphone

Saturday 22 March

HTC Dream - the First Android Cell Phone?

Wednesday 12 March

Press Release: Oracle Announces New Mobile Interoperability With Nokia Devices

Sunday 2 March

Garmin Faces Lawsuit Over Nuviphone Name

Thursday 21 February

Google Launches Native Search Client For Symbian S60 3rd Edition Handsets

Nokia N78 cellphone

Monday 11 February

S60 extends leadership with six new devices

Wednesday 6 February

JoikuSpot turns Symbian phones to WLAN HotSpots

Thursday 17 January

New freeware: XRick for S60

Friday 21 December

Nokia's new N-Gage platform delayed

Monday 10 December

First Linux phone standard ships

Monday 26 November

FOMA D905i and SH905i launched today are based on Symbian OS

Friday 16 November

Sprint's holiday smartphone bonanza drops on November 23

Saturday 27 October

New freeware: KISS60 enables Flash Lite screensavers!

Tuesday 16 October

Nokia unveils S60 touch user interface

Sunday 14 October

Mobile Firefox Likely to Work on Symbian

Tuesday 9 October

Google acquires Jaiku

Monday 8 October

Atelier and Philip Zimmermann secure Voice over IP communications on Symbian smartphones

Friday 28 September

Sling Media Launches SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS as US sales start of the new high-speed Nokia N95

Nokia e51 cellphone

Tuesday 18 September

Nokia E51 - a small and stylish business phone (S60,Wi-Fi,Camera,Radio...)

Wednesday 29 August

Go Play: Nokia unveils four devices optimized for entertainment, music and games

Saturday 18 August

FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE IV is based on Symbian

Wednesday 8 August

Symbian OS development made easier with two new Symbian Press books

Sunday 29 July

The age of diamond-powered cell phones could be close

Thursday 19 July

Motorola discovers cheaper phones lead to lower profits

Monday 9 July

OpenMoko Neo1973 Linux nerd phone offers 640x480 touch display and AGPS. With pre-alpha software ;)

Monday 25 June

Nokia has been selling lots of unlocked devices on their US sites for some time

Friday 15 June

Sony Ericsson W960i launched - 8GB, 2.6" Touch-screen, 119gr

Thursday 14 June

Bluetooth's amazing makeover

Tuesday 5 June

HTC Touch launches; first impressions and thoughts as an iPhone rival

What the iPhone commercials tell us

iPhone to launch in June (just)

Monday 14 May

Symbian to release its first quarterly financial and operational results for 2007 on 16 May 2007

Monday 7 May

How do you carry your mobile phone?

Saturday 21 April

Nokia plunders Motorola's market share

Tuesday 10 April

HelloSoft Launches VoIP on Symbian OS

Tuesday 3 April

Who invented the camera phone? It depends

Tuesday 27 March

Symbian announces Symbian OS 9.5

Tuesday 20 March

Cellflix on cell phone: thinking small, winning large

Tuesday 13 March

New freeware: Fon Wi-Fi connection manager

Monday 6 March

Nokia announces platforms to connect advertisers and media publishers with mobile: Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Connector

Monday 5 March

Apple Hard At Work Making iPhone Obsolete

Monday 26 February

Openwave announces delivery of content and applications to Symbian smartphones

Seagate delivers innovative wireless storage solution for Symbian smartphones

Sunday 25 February

Qualcomm Races to Retool the Mobile Phone

Thursday 15 February

Panda MobileSecurity S60 beta

Tuesday 13 February

51.7m Symbian smartphones shipped in 2006

Monday 12 February

The new Nokia S60 phones Nokia 6110 Navigator, N77, E65, E61i and Communicator Nokia E90 arrived. The biggest advantage in the Communicator is 800 x 352 pixels display.

Nokia E90 Product page
Nokia E90 Forum Nokia page

Nokia E61i Product page
Nokia E61i Forum Nokia page

Nokia E65 Product page
Nokia E65 Forum Nokia page

Nokia N77 Product page
Nokia N77 Forum Nokia page

Nokia 6110 Navigator Product page
Nokia 6110 Navigator Forum Nokia page

Thursday 8 February

Nokia delivers free downloadable maps and plans to pre-install the smart2go mapping and navigation application on all future Nokia Nseries under the name "Nokia Maps"

Wednesday 31 January

Handset Makers' Emerging-Markets Boost

Monday 29 January

New Freeware for S60 (3rd ed): Wellness Diary

Tuesday 9 January

Apple iPhone announced

Monday 8 January

Nokia introduced a trimmer fold model to its Nokia Nseries line up, the Nokia N76

Slimmer and more compact in design, the new Nokia N93i follows on from the success of the Nokia N93

Nokia N800 introduces faster performance, full screen finger qwerty keyboard, easier continuous connections through Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth and web camera.

Monday 1 January

New Freeware for S60 (3rd and 2nd edition): Arberg Chess

Nokia Software Update
Open Mobile Alliance
Wi-Fi Alliance
jGuru: J2ME Forum


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